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Caseta Castana


The most southern village in the province of Córdoba, is located in the Subbética mountains, bordering the provinces of Malaga and Granada. A large part of the village was submerged as a result of the construction of the reservoir at the end of the 60's. The reservoir transformed the village, which now sits on a promontory, like an isolated island surrounded by water and olive groves, linked to the land via bridges. Iznájar reservoir is the largest lake in Andalucia and is used for fishing and watersport. The name Iznájar has an Arab origin – hisn (castle) ashar (happy). History dates back to the second half of the 9th century.

Iznájar has four major banks, convenience stores, a postoffice, electric shop, 3 estate agents ‘inmobilarias' (in case you are looking for a property in the area we can always assist you), tapas bars and restaurants. The town has an emergency medical centre as well as a dentist, optician and two pharmacies, they supply a wide range of medical advice and a wide range of drugs (need to show E111!).

Places to visit:

•  The Arab Castle belonged in 1468 to Diego Fernández de Córdoba, then Count of Cabra, who was granted the title of Viscount of Iznájar and gained jurisdiction over the village. In 1991, after many years of neglect the village council bought the castle from the last owners (the Count of Revilla and family)

•  Next to the castle is a perfect example of a Renaissance Church (Iglesia Parroguial de Santiago Apóstol (St. James Parish Church), which has been restored and opened its doors in 2007.

•  A Farm Tools Museum displays tools and farming utensils which were used a few decades ago

•  Tourist Info Centre is on the ground floor of the Farm Tools Museum and situated just outside the wall surrounding the Castle and Church.

•  An Outdoor Theatre is used during the summer months for plays and events with superb views over the Castle and village.

•  Mirador del Genil - Viewpoints to enjoy panoramic views of the reservoir and surrounding villages and the hills with olive groves. 'Genil' is the name of the river, which runs through three provinces.

•  Routes - One of which follows the left bank of the reservoir where visitors can go rambling and cycling.

•  Outdoor activities - just 1 km away from the village centre is a large recreational area (along side the Lake), where visitors can enjoy bird watching, fishing, water sports, rambling, camping, two restaurants and a large beach area (very popular with the locals during the summer weekends)

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